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Turku looks ahead and is a boldly renewing, smart and wise European city. Turku and its surrounding municipalities form a vibrant growth centre of the Baltic Sea with a versatile economic structure, dynamic businesses, high-quality education, culture and service offering and beautiful archipelago that form an attractive combination.

The King of Sweden, Canute I, concluded a trade agreement with Lübeck in the 1170s. Turku, which was part of the Swedish kingdom, began to develop as the most important trading port in the eastern part of the kingdom. There were already Lübeckian traders living in the city at latest in the 14th century. In the late Middle Ages, Turku’s most important trading partners, besides the capital Stockholm, were the Hanseatic cities Lübeck, Danzig and Tallinn.

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Year 1229

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60.45175 latitude and 22.26705 longitude

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