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Because of its location at the crossroads of the biggest trade routes Straupe was one of the most significant Hanseatic towns for 300 years. However, during the Polish-Swedish War the town was completely destroyed. According to the Swedish Plough Inspection in 1638, only two residents had survived.

Nowadays, Straupe is one of the largest villages in Cesis County, located in the centre of the most beautiful region of Latvia – Vidzeme. Straupe is a small town with dynamic development and active inhabitants.  The symbol of Straupe is Lielstraupe Medieval Castle, which is one of the most outstanding valuables of Latvian cultural and historical heritage. In 2008, the tradition of Hanseatic Market, offering local Slow Food Straupe farmers’ products, was renewed.

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Year 1206

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57.35148 latitude and 24.95316 longitude

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Lielstraupe Castle