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Oldenzaal, every visit a treat!
You are most welcome in our vibrant city. Whatever you are looking for, this is where you will find it!

Explore our rich history and culture.
Oldenzaal is proud of its illustrious past. Odenzaal was granted market rights in 1049 and its city rights date were granted in 1249, making it the oldest city in the Twente region. It was the most important city in the region in the Middle Ages; the center of trade and religion. You will find the Plechelmusbasilica and that the street pattern is still the same as in medieval times.

Enjoy the city and nature
In Oldenzaal we are living the good life with a capital G. A flurry of beautiful shops, a thriving economy and a wide range of leisure activities. You are more than welcome in one of our many cozy restaurants and cafés. Oldenzaal is situated in the middle of the sloping landscape of Twente. The diverse outdoors offers many hiking- and cycling options. All in all more than enough reasons to pay Oldenzaal a visit.

Facts & Figures

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Year 800

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52.30853 latitude and 6.914603 longitude

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What is the city known for?


raisin bread