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Lüneburg has two faces: that of a venerable Hanseatic city with numerous sights dating back 1050 years and another, fresh and lively face that thrives from the many students and young families in the city. Lüneburg combines contrasts that complement each other perfectly and make the city both historic and modern. Located south of the cosmopolitan city of Hamburg, Lüneburg is home to almost 80,000 people and stands for a high quality of life, innovative business & science and a distinctive city character. No wonder that tourism is an important industry. Guests marvel at Lüneburg as an overall architectural monument with impressive town houses and churches, a special town hall, picturesque alleys and life on the streets.

Facts & Figures

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Year 956

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53.24870 latitude and 10.40785 longitude

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What is the city known for?

Product: Salt (white gold of the middle age)

Landmark: Town Hall (over 750 years old)