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In the Middle Ages, Kalmar was among the most important cities in Sweden. It was a flourishing trading place and had connections with the Hanseatic league. In Kalmar the union meeting of 1397 took place making Sweden, Denmark and Norway one kingdom with Kalmar as capital.

Kalmar is today a city full of contrasts. It is a meeting place for long ago and here and now, for repose and vitality. Cobblestone streets, a city wall, a fairytale castle, closeness to the sea and lovely parks give the city charm and character. There is also plenty of modern architecture with the university as the newest example.  In Kalmar there are lots of sights and experiences within walking distance and even beaches in the city centre. There is a broad range of restaurants, shops, galleries and events. 

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Year 1100

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56.66288 latitude and 16.36623 longitude

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What is the city known for?

Kalmartrissan (jojo) and Kalmar Castle