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Herford was a Hanseatic city from the Middle Ages to the 17th century. Wealthy merchant families and master craftsmen determined city life and took part in trade and politics in the Hanseatic League. Today Herford is a Hanseatic city again and is attractive for chain stores, local retailers and global players.

Herford combines several highlights in one place: A historical old town with its magnificent hall churches, the MARTa, an impressive museum for contemporary art, one of the oldest and longest pedestrian zones in the region, which invites you to stroll and linger.

In addition to art, culture and consumption, Herford also offers plenty of space for leisure activities and relaxation.

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Year 792

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52.11522 latitude and 8.671111 longitude

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What is the city known for?

MARTa Herford (Museum of Modern Art)

Weinrich Chokolate