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The quality of life in Hannover gets top marks in international rankings. Those who live here rave about the perfect blend of urban convenience and nature, the ideal environment for work, family and leisure, as well as the excellent transport infrastructure. Hannover offers exciting variety, with everything one could want in close proximity. It is a commercial and cultural centre, and beckons it unique festivals and thrilling sports events. More and more business travellers and tourists appreciate this.


Hannover and the Hanseatic League

Hannover has been demonstrably active in the Hanseatic League since the 14th century at the latest. Hannover belonged to the so-called Saxon quarter of the Hanseatic League, that of Braunschweig and Magdeburg was cited as the most important cities in the region at the time. To that, in a number of external archives, for example in Lübeck, documents and other sources are passed down.

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Year 1150

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9.738553 latitude and 52.37447 longitude

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