Aerial view of Fürstenau


The castle and Hanseatic city of Fürstenau 

The historic fortified town of Fürstenau was first mentioned in 1344 and has an eventful history of the Thirty Years' War and the religious struggles behind it. The first building to be erected in Fürstenau was the castle of the Osnabrück prince-bishop as a part of the fortress and protection against the County of Tecklenburg. Even today you can still see the historic farmer houses of the farmers who settled back then in the city center of Fürstenau. The spacious castle park, the restored official prison and the bastion also form the historic cityscape. The old city gate "Hohes Tor" and the market square with the old town hall and the Protestant church make the old castle and Hanseatic city of Fürstenau an interesting place worth seeing .

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Year 1344

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52.51678 latitude and 7.674958 longitude

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What is the city known for?

Castle complex

High gate

Herbal schnapps


  • Medieval castle festival
  • Festival of Cultures
  • Farmers market