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Right in the middle – that’s how one could put it after a short look at a map of Germany. The pretty half-timbered town Einbeck is situated in an idyllic setting of soft hills in the heart of the country, in-between the low mountain ranges Weserbergland, Harz and Solling. It expands widely and you will find it hard to believe: With more than 231 square kilometres and 46 villages, our Einbeck is one of the largest city districts in southern Lower Saxony! We live in a former Hanseatic town - and it’s a real jewel! We are proud of many things about our amazing town. But especially we are proud on the magnificent, ornate historic half-timbered houses, our tasty Einbecker beer and Europe’s largest vintage cars collection in the PS.SPEICHER and the Depots housing more than 2.500 exhibits.

Facts & Figures

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Year 1100

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51.81850 latitude and 9.867846 longitude

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UNESCO World Heritage

Blue Dye Printing Einbeck, year of designation: 2018

What is the city known for?

Vintage cars, timberframed houses, beer