Annentag Fair ©Lena Bröker, Stadt Brakel

Hanze experience

15. Apr 2023 until 31. Dec 2024 Deventer

Until 31 December 2023, immerse yourself in a sensational experience around the Hanseatic League! In the Old Maria Church, you will experience a free multimedia spectacle about the Middle Ages in Deventer.

The Old Maria Church is the beating heart of the Hanseatic Year in Deventer. In a 15-minute spectacle, the Hanseatic Experience takes you across the IJssel, Deventer's lifeline, and sets foot in medieval Deventer. In the Experience, you will discover the most important Hanseatic history of the city through impressive image projections, compelling music and fascinating stories: the trade relations, annual fairs, cultural blossoming, but also the religious aspects of medieval Deventer will be presented.

Event date

15. Apr 2023 until 31. Dec 2024


Local cultural event

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