Annentag Fair ©Lena Bröker, Stadt Brakel

3D Streetart Zutphen

1. May 2023 until 31. Jul 2023 Zutphen

A bullet ship in the old harbour, a storage cellar with goods that were traded or a representation of the city from the Hanze era: during the 3D Hanze Street Art Route, young and old can experience the Hanze era. Stand in the artwork and have your picture taken, this way it looks like you are part of the 3D street painting!

From 1 met to 14 May, the makers will get to work and you can watch how the artworks are created at the various locations. From 15 May to 31 July, you can see all the artworks spread across the city.

Event date

1. May 2023 until 31. Jul 2023


Local cultural event

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