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3 Days in Stade and the Alte Land

Stade Stade Marketing und Tourismus

During this trip you will spend the night in Stade and explore the holiday region Altes Land by the river Elbe. On the agenda there is a evening tour of the city, a covered wagon ride through the orchards, a trip to the other side of the river Elbe, and a Fleetkahn ride on Stade’s Burggraben.

The offer includes:

2-night stay / breakfast

1 dinner (three-course menu)

Guided city tour of Stade

Covered wagon ride

Lunch: Bowl of soup

Ferry ride

Fleetkahn (dike boat) ride


1st Day: You will move into your rooms in a hotel in Stade. After dinner, you will be guided through the enchantingly lit historic town centre in a city tour and learn many interesting facts about Stade’s 1000-year history along the way. Spend the remainder of the evening at the picturesque fish market.

2nd Day:  After a hearty breakfast, you will visit the Alte Land. There, a covered wagon will await you to take you across the orchards. You will visit a rustic restaurant idyllically situated by the river Lühe. Here, you will be served a bowl of soup for lunch. A ferry ride across the river Elbe will bring you to the neighbouring state of Schleswig-Holstein, where the famous Schiffsbegrüßungsanlage Wilkomm-Höft is located. During an enjoyable cup of coffee, you can watch the “großen Pötte” (big ships) pass by.

3rd Day: Before you have to say goodbye to Stade, you will ride the Fleetkahn (dike boat) on Stade’s Burgraben, passing the old ramparts and the idyllic natural landscape.


April - October




from 199.00 € per person in twin rooms (at least 10 people)