Historischer Marktplatz mit Knochenhaueramtshaus


It doesn’t matter if you’re visiting Hildesheim for the first time or if you’ve spent your entire life here: the city has much to offer for tourists and inhabitants alike. Visit the two UNESCO world heritage churches St. Mary’s cathedral and St. Michael’s church, discover the main sights on a sightseeing tour or alone along the Rose Route. In close proximity to the city center you can enjoy a walk through the picturesque half-timbered district or relax at the JoBeach at the Hohnsen lake.

Come visit the Hildesheim museums and dive into the city’s history or unknown worlds. The Roemer- and Pelizaeus-Museum is well known for ist Ancient Egyptian collection and definitely worth a visit.

Enjoy a spectacular view over Hildesheim and the surrounding region from the highest church tower in Lower Saxony – the St. Andrew’s Church. If you’re more interested in culture and events, Hildesheim offers a great variety of events throughout the entire year. Concerts, theatre plays and art exhibitions are just a few examples.

If you would rather spend some time outdoors Hildesheim is the perfect destination to go on bike rides and to go hiking – or you could just relax in one of our parks.


Historischer Marktplatz Hildesheim © Hildesheim Marketing GmbH

Hildesheim City Hall

The city hall of Hildesheim has got to be one of the most impressive buildings on the historic market square. The construction began in 1268 – back when merchants in Hildesheim wanted to display their economic success. Achieving economic prosperity was made possible through the protecting hand of the Hanseatic League.

Hanse-Code_© Hildesheim Marketing

The Hansa Code

The GPS scavenger hunt „Hansa-Code“ allows players to discover Hildesheim in a fun and playful manner and learn something interesting about the city and it’s role in the Hanseatic League. Players follow the story of Professor London, solving small riddles at different stations in the city to receive new GPS coordinates.

Zuckerhut © Hildesheim Marketing

Upended Sugarloaf

This is a famously curious building near the St. Andrew’s church. The building overhangs so much that the second floor is almost double the size of the ground floor, resembling the appearance of an upended sugarloaf. According to some sources, a shipbuilder was tasked with the construction of the extraordinary building in 1510.


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