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Hamelin town is found amidst the gentle hills of the Weser Mountains Region. Along the Weser River, between Cinderella and the Lying Baron Muenchhausen, the German Fairy-tale Route’s darkest fellow can be found – The Pied Piper. He lures many tourists to Hamelin each year; some to hear his inimitable charm, others to admire the magnificent old town of Hamelin.

A walk through the Old Town overwhelms the visitor with Hameln’s unique flavour. The pedestrian area with busy shopping streets and the pompous Weser Renaissance buildings invites you to linger. The side alleyways – twisted, quiet and romantic – are full of affectionately restored half-timber houses and a tip for the curious explorer. Beginning in last century, the Old Town was restored, making it into a great architectural monument.


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Boat trips

The best way to enjoy the beautiful Weser landscape is a boat trip. From mid-April to mid-October, round trips and a scheduled service on the river weser are offered.
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The atypical building (Kupferschmiedestraße) with continuous floorboards (entrance portal and back exit are diagonally staggered) was constructed around 1560. For a long time it was used as a brewhouse. The building’s lively style is created by its splendid colours and ample use of typical renaissance halftimber motives.

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The house was built 1585-1589 for merchant Gerd Leist. Above the attic, it features a bizarre, jagged volute gable. Due to its mouldings, the broad, two-storey Utlucht (oriel) blends in with the rest of the façade. In the gable niche of the Utlucht crown, a fully rounded Lucretia sculpture is placed below an overhead scallop.