A journey into the Hanseatic League

The region of the ancient Hanseatic League and the modern Hanseatic League covers the entire North and Baltic Seas. A region shaped by the ice age, full of natural and cultural highlights.

In the catchment area of the Hanseatic League you will find an incredible variety of tourist destinations, which are worth a visit, excursion or short break, impossible to imagine. Nevertheless, in the Hanseatic city area, you will get an idea of the historical, urban and cultural diversity that has found its beginnings in the active Hanseatic era.

If you are interested in history, architecture, art as well as active festivals and lively culture, you will surely have encountered the Hanseatic testimony of your travels. It would certainly be interesting to pay more attention to this unique historical and distinctive contemporary history in its presence on future trips and visits.

We have put together more attractive destinations for you.

Interesting museums about the history of the Hanseatic League, nicely readable background knowledge or our own Hanse-TV channel which brings you a little bit closer to your next destination with good entertainment.

A few tips for your next holiday

Trip into the heart of the Hanseatic League

Lübeck, the head of the Hanseatic League, can be combined well with trips to Hamburg, Lüneburg and Stade

Holland's active Hanseatic towns

A city or boat tour through charming Dutch small towns that live up to the Hanseatic tradition  ... more

Gotland, beaches, nature and the Hanseatic League

In hardly any other region is the legacy of the Hanse as palpable as on Gotland and the beaches so close  ... more


In no other region are there so many Hanseatic cities in a small area.  ... more

From Stralsund to Gdansk

A journey between beach, nature and culture in Germany and Poland. Around 10 Hanseatic cities along the east coast.

Baltic experience, away from the big cities

A round trip through the Baltic States, especially the 10 Hanseatic cities of Estonia and Latvia, will give you "hanseatic destinations" in tourist areas that are barely discovered.