Study Tour to Luxembourg and Germany

HANSA second study tour lead us to Germany and Luxembourg. In Luxembourg we visited the European Institute of Cultural Routes to get broader perspective of the issues that HANSA project aims to resolve. First stop in Germany was Old Hansa city Lemgo, where we studied the local experience in enhancing the Hanseatic heritage and learned, how a small city can be successful in creating and promoting Hansa related products and events. Finally, HANSA study tour in Germany would be incomplete without meeting the Queen of the Hanseatic league - Lübeck! There we met with the President of the Hansa and Mayor of Lübeck Bernd Saxe and leading Hansa historian in the world Professor Rolf Hammel-Kiesow. We also visited European Hansa Museum, impressive City Archive and attended a seminar given by Lübeck-Travemünde Marketing.