26. October 2020

Gotland’s Truffle Festival 2020

Truffle Festival

What might be unknown to most people is that on the Swedish island Gotland, high-quality Bourgogne truffle is amply found in the Gotlandic ground. To celebrate the delicacy the Truffle Festival is being arranged from Mid-October to Mid-November, during this time you can take part in truffle hunts, participate in cooking classes, enjoy truffle menus at various restaurants all over the island and much more.                  

The grand finale of the Truffle Festival will be celebrated during November 13-15 with an interesting program that offers seminars, a ceremony in the cathedral and on November 14, a six-course dinner will be served at Clarion Hotel Wisby, truffle is included in all dishes and the menu is composed and cooked by Gotland’s best chefs.

All parts of the programme will be arranged with adjustments and respect to the Covid-19 pandemic.

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