05. May 2022

European and sustainable - Comeback for Münster's Hanseatic meal

Long table, lounge and live music / Merchants and Münster Marketing invite you to the Prinzipalmarkt on Saturday, 7 May

Hansemahl Muenster

The gabled houses are decorated with yellow-red-white Münster flags and blue European banners, a long table and a lounge area invite you to take a seat, and the merchants serve their guests. After a two-year break from the Corona, Münster Marketing and the Initiative Starke Innenstadt (ISI) are once again turning Prinzipalmarkt into the city's most beautiful open-air dining hall. On Saturday, 7 May, from 12 to 6 p.m., they invite you to the Hanseatic feast under the sign of Europe.

"The Hanseatic League as a European trade alliance and network is an example of cooperation in Europe. We would like to bring this character into focus when the merchants flag down Prinzipalmarkt and thus declare their commitment to the European city and a lively centre. The city centre is not only a place of commerce, but also a place to live, where people like to spend time, go out, meet other people, talk, discuss and also stand up for European values together," says Bernadette Spinnen, head of Münster Marketing.

Regional floral decorations and vegan sandwiches

Guests can look forward to a reunion with familiar elements of the popular event: the 100-metre-long table with white covers stretches from the town hall to the corner of Salzstraße. Here, merchants in white Hansa aprons will look after the guests. With its comeback, the Hansemahl will be more sustainable: this includes dispensing with the red carpet, and the table will stand directly on the prominent cobblestones of Prinzipalmarkt. Colourful and regional spring flower decorations replace the red roses. Instead of small sandwiches, there are folded sandwiches, which are eaten rustic from the hand and thus make plates superfluous. The popular bread topping with Westphalian ham on the bone, cheese and mince will be supplemented for the first time by a vegan variant. The beverage selection includes Pinkus beer, regional lemonades and fair-trade coffee.

In addition to the classic table, the new lounge area with white stools and other seating between Michaelisplatz and the Stadthaus tower invites guests to relax. Appropriate background music comes from two stages on which live music and DJ sounds are played in alternation.

Guided tours on Hanseatic history

Those wishing to immerse themselves in the history of the Hanseatic city of Münster have the opportunity to take part in four guided tours of the city. Under the motto "A Merchant City in Transition", the 90-minute tours start at 1.30 p.m., 3.30 p.m. and 5 p.m. respectively on the Square of the Peace of Westphalia in the inner courtyard of the town hall. A new addition to the programme is the fourth guided tour, "Women and Children in the Hanseatic Era". It starts at 3.30 p.m. in the Bürgerhalle in the Historisches Rathaus. The number of participants for all tours is limited. Tickets are available in advance at Münster Information. 

The City Museum also has two events in its programme especially for Hansa Day: for children aged six to ten there is the "Children's Programme on the Hanseatic Cabinet" from 2 to 4 pm. The guided tour of the museum "Münster in the Hanseatic League" from 4 to 5 p.m. is aimed at all those interested. Tickets for both events are available in the museum shop. The principle of "pay what you want" applies to all tickets for the guided tours - everyone can decide for themselves what they want to pay. The entire ticket proceeds will go to the Münster-Lublin Association to support Münster's Polish twin city in its aid to Ukraine. The same applies to admission to the Peace Hall in the Historic Town Hall on Hansa Day.   

All the important information about the Hansa can be found on a map available at Münster Information and in many shops in the city centre. It can also be found on the internet at www.tourismus.muenster.de .