03. June 2021

11th Russian Hanseatic Day in Veliky Ustyug

Logo Welikij Ustjug Hansetag

On 23-25 July, the 11th Russian Hanseatic Day will be celebrated in Veliky Ustyug under the theme "Conserving the past, shaping the future!". The event coincides with the traditional town festival and the Prokopius market. The logo of the event shows a historic ship on the Suchona River, symbolizing the trade between the Hanseatic cities.

A central figure in the celebrations is Saint Prokopius, a hanseatic merchant who came from Lübeck to Russia in the second half of the 13th century. In Novgorod he converted to the orthodox faith and settled in Veliky Ustyug where he became known as a fool for Christ (yurodivy) and a miracle worker. 

The programme of the Russian Hanseatic Day includes the following events: Opening ceremony and parade, Hanseatic market, Craft market, shows and on stage entertainment, a Hanseatic party and the annual assembly of the Russian Hanseatic cities.