Kampen / the Netherlands, host of the 37th International hanseatic days

15 to 18 June 2017

Hanseatic days 2017 in Kampen

"Water connects" will be the motto of 2017 in the Dutch town of Kampen, on the edge of the IJsselmeer. From 15 to 18 June 2017 the hanseatic city will organize the international hanseatic days.

In the Kamper Stadtpark, in the historical old town, at the Ijsselkai and in the whole city, a cultural colorful spectacle takes place.

Experience the extraordinary atmosphere of Kampen, our Hanseatic city on the mouth of the IJssel river.

In addition to the programmes in the various quarters, there will be a number of activities going through the city. Think of small stages performing small-scale concerts or street theatre and parades. Moreover, the Organisational committee also intends for all monumental buildings such as churches and other monuments to open their doors to the general public.

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Hanseatic days in Kampen