Explore the Hanseatic city Zwolle
Hanseatic city Zwolle

Zwolle, the capital of the province of Overijssel, is chock full of history. Originally a busy place where early traders frequently met, the city grew into existence due to the proximity of various waterways. During the Golden Era (roughly the 17th century) Zwolle rapidly developed into a mighty city as part of the Hanseatic League.  The vivacious character of a trade city is still reflected in Zwolle today and offers numerous possibilities for leisure.

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History and Highlights
Medieval City Centre

The city boasts a medieval centre, splendid theatres, an extended assortment of shops, excellent hotels and various beautiful parks. Zwolle encompasses everything you might expect from a contemporary city that managed to preserve the intimacy of its medieval past. The historic gables, the city wall and watch towers, the 600-year-old gate (The Sassenpoort) and its star shaped moat, surrounded by monumental patrician houses, are characteristic for Zwolle. Cosy, well maintained alleys and impressive ramparts invite you to explore the city.

Peperbus, Schnitger organ and Museum De Fundatie

Since the 14th century Zwolles undisputed landmark is De Peperbus (The Peppermill), a 75-meter high spire connected to the basilica of Onze Lieve Vrouwe (Our Blessed Lady). The reward of climbing this tower is a stunning view over the city. The 15th century St. Michaels Church locally known as De Grote Kerk   is rich in culture and history. Partly because of the impressive gothic architecture, partly because of the monuments inside, this massive building is regarded as one of the most important churches in Zwolle. The four-keyboard Schnitger organ dates from 1721 and enjoys world fame. Museum De Fundatie (The Foundation) harbours inviting expositions and has two locations one in Zwolle and one in the nearby village of Heino.  The Zwolle location is temporarily closed due to the construction of an interesting expansion called The Eye.  Another important tourist attraction will be added when the move of old and trusted book seller and publisher Waanders, active in Zwolle since 1836, from its current location to the Broerenkerk, a deconsecrated church that once belonged to an abbey, is completed.

Zwolle A Tasteful City
Zwolle Pure

Historically Zwolle plays in the major league and that can be said of its culinary heritage, too. A number of bars and restaurants can be found in buildings with great historical value. Zwolle is currently the only city in the Netherlands with   three as well as two Michelin Stars, respectively The Librije and The Librijes Zusje (Little Sister), both managed and owned by world famous chef Jonnie Boer and his spouse Thérèse. Zwolle furthermore offers many fine and appreciated bars, restaurants and shops that specialize in gastronomy and cooking utensils. Among them are many that sell regional produce. Try the flavours of various products from Zwolle, such as Zwolse mustard, Peperbus cheese, handmade sweets, whisky and Bluefinger cookies. You might want to pay a visit to the artisanal city bakery or The Hanze House!

Tour de Hanze

When strolling through the medieval city centre, you can literally taste the rich history up until today. During the historic city walk Tour de Hanze your city guide treats you on stories about Zwolles history and you will visit places and buildings where you can take in the flavour of the past. The duration of the walk is approximately 2 hours.
Please call +31 38 422229 for more information, prices and bookings or check out www.overijsseltrips.nl

The Tourist Info shows you the way.

If you want to explore Zwolle yourself, you can purchase a paper booklet that guides you through the city centre. It is available in Dutch, English and German and contains a map and an overview of important attractions. This is an ideal tool to individually ingest the city. For those who prefer not to walk, the Bicycle Cab is an excellent and comfortable alternative to tour the inner city.
The VVV Shop, housed in a historical building connected to St. Michaels Church, offers all kinds of information you might find handy during your stay. Among them are maps and tours regarding sailing, walking and bicycling in and around Zwolle. A dedicated website informs you about places to spend the night. A special hotel flyer is also available. The VVV Shop is an ideal starting point to discover the contemporary Hanseatic City of Zwolle and its immediate surroundings.

Pictures of the Hanseatic City of Zwolle

Impressions of Zwolle


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