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With a kind welcome guests are greeted in the beautiful city Wismar – a lively Hanseatic city at the Baltic Sea with all its interesting sights , monuments of building and culture, offers, impressions, and stories to tell, its unique flair, a city captivating with the romantic of harbour, seafaring, fishery and Hanse, carefully refurbished residential houses, a unique market place, with monuments of Gothic brick architecture, cafés, restaurants and hotels … and the hospitable citizens of Wismar.

Wismar's unique cultural treasures are the magnificent buildings in the historic old town - one of the best preserved medieval town centres in northern Germany. The historic city centres of Stralsund and Wismar had been entered into the UNESCO world heritage list in June 2002.

This charming city is really beautifully situated at the Mecklenburg bay of the Baltic Sea – in the sheltered zone of the Island Poel, in neighbourhood to the cities Lübeck, Rostock, Schwerin … and in the north – the Baltic Sea. Already from the distance St. Marien and St. Nikolai welcome guests either from the sea and land side, make them curious… what kind of city we will find here? Wismar is a pulsating city combining old and new in a marvellous way. The economic profile of the city is with its most modern shipyard a maritme one although it is also characterized by tourism and new industries… 

Cultural variety in Wismar: History, museums, exhibitions, concerts, festivals, theater… fascinating monuments of culture: the churches’ Gothic brick architecture, carefully refurbished residential houses, the „Wasserkunst“ – a renaissance welling house right in the centre of the market place – one of the most wonderful and largest in Northern Germany, the impressing classicistic city hall, the baroque fortress buildings from Swedish times… wherever you are looking – living history is everywhere. A visit to the historic city museum „Schabbellhaus“ is also a tour through one of the most important bourgeois renaissance buildings of Mecklenburg. The Wismar City Hall Cellar, a Gothic vault hall is host to the exhibition „Wismar – pictures of a city“ . Hanseatic and city history can be recovered… and art lovers will be delighted by the galleries. You can not imagine Wismar’s cultural life without permanently alternating exhibitions in the „Baumhaus“ (tree house) at the Old Harbour or in the city library of the former Swedish arsenal. Events of the Festival „Music Land Mecklenburg-Vorpommern“, a festival of exquisite classic concerts on an international level take place in Wismar every year. The Swedish Festival reminds many Wismar residents of the long time when Wismar was part of Sweden. 

The annual Harbour Festival has now become a nice tradition and contributes to the interesting cultural life presented by the city for its visitors … in other words, Wismar is worth seeing at any time of the year. An exhibition in the St. Marien church tower presents „Ways to Gothic Brick Architecture“. Making sports, having fun or just finding relaxation – all this is what visitors can enjoy in the bathing paradise „Wonnemar“. Every year in December the Christmas Market attracts many people from Wismar and out of Wismar to the market place, where the illuminated city hall presents a splendid scene. The 3rd Advent is dedicated to the Art Market – there, unique pieces can be sometimes discovered… Curious to be guest of this city? – Wismar is truly rich of restaurants, cafés, theme restaurants, romantic harbour pubs and cozy hotels…. 

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