Explore the Hanseatic city of Warendorf
Warendorf Marketplace

Do you want to travel back in time? If you walk down the narrow streets of the old town you will get the feeling of being in the past. In its 1200-year history the small settlement on the Ems “Warantharpa” has developed into the fascinating town of Warendorf.

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At every corner in the old town you will discover history; similarly you will find music, entertainment and shopping behind the old facades and at local festivities. This is not surprising as Warendorf has always been al lively centre of craft and trade. And indeed there are many reminders of the heyday of linenweaving and gold- and silversmith.

Gothic, renaissance, baroque and classical; each has contributed distinguishing features to what Warendorf looks like today. The fact that they can be seen in their old splendour today is due to the commitment and hard work of many local volunteers.

Quite rightly Warendorf has the reputation for being Germany’s “horse capital”. There is a long tradition of horse breeding and highly qualified riding instruction here. The sires of many famous horses are at home in Warendorf.

A dynamic development has led to Warendorf becoming the central location for German equestrian sports. The headquarters of both The National Federation (FN) and The German Olympic Committee for Equestrian Sports (DOKR) are in the town.

In the stud Farm more than a hundred fine stallions ensure that Warendorf has had a leading position in the world ranking lists for breeding for decades. So it is mot surprising that the Warendorf Stallion Parade is marked in red on the calendars of many horse lovers.

Apart from the horse, the bicycle is the most popular leisure-time means of getting from on place to another in Warendorf. The many field-path and signed bike-tracks mean that you can be sporty and experience the Warendorf countryside from the saddle of a bike.

It is an ideal place to just let yourself go or to throw yourself into leisure activities. Warendorf can provide for every type of temperament, whether quiet and retiring or sporty and lively.

Pictures of the Hanseatic City of Warendorf


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