Explore the Hanseatic city Viljandi
Hanseatic city Viljandi

The heart of the Viljandi tourist area beats in an ancient rhythm. The rhythm is slightly mysterious and contains the past, the present and the future, creation and preservation. It represents centuries of life in this area, strong cultural history and old traditions. In Viljandi every footprint of land talks of its history, culture and traditions.

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Viljandi is like real Estonia in a nutshell. Rich in history, culture and traditions the small hanseatic town in central Estonia is worth to be explored.

Due to its favourable location, beautiful scenery and good connections, Viljandi has always been a wonderful place to live, work and rest in. 

Green parks, old wooden houses, monuments and small art galleries allow for pleasant walks in the town. Its good location, varied nature and good connecting roads convinced merchants as far back as the 14th century that this was an excellent place also for trade and stopovers.

In 1991 the tradition of Hanseatic Days was revived in this old Hanseatic town. During the Hanseatic Days the town is crowded with guests, there are concerts and a handicraft fair and people walk in the streets wearing historical costumes.

Cultural and creative destination Viljandi is ready to pass its welcoming hand to people from all over Europe. 

In 2015, Viljandi hosted the 35th International Hanseatic Days.

Pictures of the Hanseatic City of Viljandi


Hanseatic town of Viljandi
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