Turku - a city with life, atmosphere and history… Turku is situated on the south-west coast and was first capital of Finland. In 2004 Turku, the oldest city in Finland, will celebrate its 775th anniversary. Turku, the fifth largest city of Finland, has more than 170 000 inhabitants (in the greater Turku area approx. 300 000 inhabitants). There are two official lan-guages spoken in Turku: Finnish and Swedish. …strong entrepreneurship, skill and innovation… Turku is a centre of commercial and industrial life and, as its name suggest (Turku means market), a place of trade. The industries represented in Turku are exceptionally diverse. The most important of these are the metal, telematics, medical, food and chemical industries. Growth and innovation are the main priorities in the fields of biotechnology and information and communications technology. Many of these companies are located in the Turku Science Park.

…as well as top-level education and future players… Turku is an educational centre: almost a fifth of its inhabitants are students. Top-level education in Turku is represented by the University of Turku, the Swedish-speaking university Åbo Akademi, the Turku School of Economics and Business Administration as well as units of the country’s largest poly-technic, the Turku Polytechnic.

…Turku has everything that is worth experiencing… All kinds of events are taking place in this city of culture. Turku offers interesting exhibitions, museums and musical events such as the Turku Music Festival, Ruisrock and the Medieval Market. Every year on the first Advent, Turku is proclaimed as the Christmas City of all Finns. In the year 2004, the Han-seatic Days will be hosted by Turku, the only city in Finland that is a member of the Hanseatic League. …Close to nature, the sea, the archipelago and those light summer nights… The sea and the archipelago have always been important to Turku, both in terms of hunting and fishing as well as in commerce. Nowadays, the sea and archipelago still have much to offer in every season: possibilities for industries and hobbies, tourist attractions, traffic connections, a unique natural envi-ronment with thousands of islands.

…All roads lead to Turku… Turku is easily accessible by land, sea and air. From Sweden, there are daily passenger ferries to Turku and Turku is situated close to Hanko, the arrival point for the ferry from Germany. The interna-tional airport, marina, railway station and highways transport you to and from the edge of the world.


Turun kaupunki
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