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Tiel, fruit city by the river Waal
Welcome to Tiel, The Netherland’s  fruit town by the river Waal in the heart of the Betuwe region. This is an area characterized by lots of delicious fruits. Meet our fruity city mascot Flipje and enjoy major events like Appelpop music festival and the Fruitcorso event, a unique parade of wheeled installations from fruit and vegetables. Visit our historic center with its atmospheric shopping streets that remind you of the Hanseatic period. It is very cozy, with numerous shops, restaurants, cafes, beautiful parks and city gardens.

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Your world grows in this trading town!
For centuries, people have been coming together in Tiel. In Roman times, the Batavians and Romans lived in Tiel to trade. When Dorestad, the current town called Wijk bij Duurstede, was destroyed by plundering Vikings in the 9th century, Tiel grew into an international trading city. Later, Tiel joined the Hanseatic League and even made its own coins. In the 19th century, Tiel - with all its (cattle) markets - used to be a meeting place for people from all over the region. To this day, this trend is being continued by Tiel’s new cultural center.

From trading city to Hanseatic city
The Hanseatic League was actually a cooperation of merchants from German cities around the East and the North Sea. But from the 15th century, Dutch cities were also allowed to join the alliance. Shortly after Nijmegen joined the Hanseatic League in 1402, Tiel could also call itself a Hanseatic city.

Tiel then and now
As said, in the 19th century, Tiel was an important regional center for trading livestock and agricultural crops, such as grain. Pigs were sold on the Varkensmarkt (Pigs Market), the wool market was on the Kleiberg, butter was traded on the Plein (the Square) and the grain trade took place on the Korenbeursplein (Graid Trade Square). Although these types of markets no longer take place, Tiel still fulfills a central function for the region. People come to shop, visit restaurants, enjoy performances in the theater and much more!

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