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Stargard is the third largest city in the westpomeranian vovodeship and probably the most economically inventive. It is situated on the banks of the Ina River, only 40 km from Szczecin, 180 from Berlin and 120 km from the ferry terminal in Świnoujście.

The closest airport is located in Goleniów, 35 km away, and three easily accessible airports in Berlin provide a worldwide network of aerial connections. Stargard is situated exactly at the longitude of 15 degrees  east of the prime meridian which is the meridian of the Central European time zone. It is here that the time in summer in Poland is exactly in accord with the sun (GMT + 1).

The quantity and quality of the landmarks located in Stargard make the town second to none in the west and central Pomerania. The most interesting part is the area of the former medieval town that has given rise to the modern Stargard with 70 000 inhabitants. In order to promote the old town center the “Stargard – Pomerania’s Jewel” tourist route was created. It provides the opportunity to see the most important landmarks that clearly illustrate the uniqueness of the town. The route runs mostly through parks dating back to the 18th and 19th which are situated along monumental embankments, moats, gates, towers and rotundas surpassed only by the ones in Krakow. The church towers reaching to the sky (especially the St. John’s, third tallest in Poland), the most impressive towers and one of only two river gates in Europe can be viewed from a distance and up close. A visit to the breathtaking St. Mary’s Collegiate Church, the most beautiful brick gothic church in Poland, will be a real treat to every tourist.

The Community Center in Stargard, the museum, the Stargard Public Library and the Youth Center provide a variety of cultural events that will satisfy the most demanding audience. The amphitheater, the event hall and the artistic club are a perfect setting for every event depending on its character.

Stargard has modern sport and recreation facilities that ensure good training conditions for both professional and amateur athletes. Thanks to the Stargard Leisure Center all those who enjoy active lifestyle have access to a pool, a modern sport arena, professional gym, two aerobics rooms, sauna, tanning beds and four tennis courts. The Leisure Center’s resort at Lake Miedwie has a beach stretching for 400 meters and tourist accommodation. The lake provides perfect conditions for windsurfing, sailing and diving.

Stargard is also a great place for long walks along well marked routes and in one of the eight public parks. Skateboarding and inline skating aficionados can enjoy themselves in the skate park and for those looking for other activities there is among others a bowling alley.

Miniguide Stragard

Pictures of the Hanseatic City of Stargard

Stargard Szczecinski

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Stargard Szczecinski