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Rüthen, the largest municipality in the southeast area of the Soest district, includes in addition to the central city another 14 villages. The Haarstrang is the dividing line between two major regions, the Münster area in the north, and in the south the Sauerland. The 800-year-old Hanseatic Town of Rüthen is due to its location at the headwaters of the Möhne and its wooded surroundings (Rüthen owns 4,000 ha of forest and is the third-largest forest-owning municipality in North-Rhine Westphalia) one of the most popular resorts in the region.

As a visitor you can enjoy nature, history and culture at every turn.

Today Rüthen presents itselfs a small rural town that has a variety of utility facilities such as an elementary school, combined school, high school, several sports facilities, a town hall, a mixed range of industrial and skilled trades and retail shops. The city of Rüthen is an important school and business supplier in the southeast district of Soest.

After 1450 Rüthen belonged to one of the four most important cities of the Duchy of Westphalia, and operated in active state policy as a permanent representative of the provincial cities. Between 1650 and 1750 Rüthen was a building centre for the surrounding area. The starting point was the much appreciated Rüthen green sandstone. Also, many builders from abroad and artists moved to Rüthen. Important buildings bear witness to the history of this city. The oldest parts, the old town wall of about 3,5 km length, and the tower buildings (Hachtor, witches tower, numerous remains of the tower) date from the period around 1300.

The Bibertal displays a 2.3 km Beaver Trail (one of 4 experience points of the Sauerland forest route). Here, visitors can experience the forest on a total of 18 active stations. A barefoot path, forest xylophone, giant spider or tree species maze are just a couple of the highlights. The trail is open the whole year round in almost all places,and disabled persons can at the same time enter free of charge. It is based in the Arnsberg Forest Nature Reserve Park. You are invited to the idyllic Biberbad (puplic swimming pool), the newly created beach landscape, which invites with beach chairs, palm trees and a large sailing boat. So come around an relax in the summer months.

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