The Picasso Museum behind the façade of an ancient noble seat, gems of the Baroque art of construction, plus icons of contemporary architecture, over 60 sculptures that attest to this internationally unique series of exhibitions titled “sculpture projects”, cosy traditional pubs and an exciting club scene located directly in the harbour – an invigorating mix makes Münster’s charm: the side-by-side of a venerable past and cosmopolitan internationality.

European history was written at the Hall of Peace at the historic Town Hall in 1648, when the Westphalian Peace Treaty was signed, as well as in 1773 when the first Westphalian University was created, the nucleus of today’s city of science with around 50,000 students. 

The very reason Münster is considered one of the “Historic Highlights of Germany” can be experienced on the Prinzipalmarkt market square: The gables of the merchants’ houses form a splendid silhouette. Beneath their archways, exquisite shops entice shoppers to take a stroll. 

Green sanctuaries can be experienced everywhere in “Germany’s Cycling Capital”: from the Promenade to the Schlossgarten, to Lake Aa. And while sipping a latte macchiato, one has plenty of time to ponder over which of the 30 museums to visit next; or whether to take a tour that follows the footsteps of the Anabaptists; or to sample a glass of dark beer near the Kiepenkerl monument, or a cocktail on Kreativkai; or to maybe extend one’s stay by a few more days, or simply return very soon.

Impressions ofs Münster


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