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Town Hall

being founded and established at the waterside makes it a cheerful and esteemed town.
In Meppen there is the confluence of  the Hase, Radde, Ems and the Dortmund-Ems-Canal. Along the banks of which visitors can discover the modern shopping malls stemming from early medieval times.

On warm summer evenings, there where the river Hase and the Dortmund-Ems-Canal meet, the locals and numerous holidaymakers come together. Especially here, on the idyllic half-isle between the flowing waters and in the shade of an old windmill is the location of one of the most appealing beer gardens in the region. On the opposite shore is Meppens old town, surrounded by city walls and moats of the ancient fortress. Historical monuments such as the town hall dated from 1408, with its distinctive stepped gable, dominates the image of the modern shopping precinct around the market place. Additionally, in the new Mep-Shopping Centre there are novel shops with style and charm to browse around. After the shopping spree Emslands county town caters for its guests with culinary delicacies.

The way over  1,200 year history of Meppen is sensed when taking advantage of  the outstanding guided tours available at the tourist information centre. Furthermore, the museum in the Arenbergischen Rentei provides information about the history and the Austellungszentrum für die Archäologie des Emslandes (The Emsland Archaeological Exhibition Centre) illustrates the prehistory. Amongst other things there is also the reproduction of a Stone Age megalithian grave on display. This approximately 5,000 year old large stone grave is typical for the region, an especially impressive example is situated in a quiet copse in the nearby village of Apeldorn. One of the most popular cultural highlights in the town is found in another woodland area. The open-air theatre stages, during the summer months performances which also include a musical production for the whole family.

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Stadt Meppen
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