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Abbey Church

Eponym of the city Marienmünster is the old and dignified Benediktiner-Abbey Marienmünster, founded in 1128. It`s principal town and place of the city council is Vörden. It is first named as a walled town in year 1324 in a certificate. It was often damaged by fires, especially in 16th century. In contrast to other housing colonies' near Vörden it endured many wars and fights.

Therefore many old houses resist in kilter still today. In 1730 the castle Vörden was rebuilt and resists in that form still today as well.

In 1999 Vörden was accorded upon "Staatlich anerkannter Luftkurort". Thanks to it`s central placement Vörden is an origin of many trips to an area with lots of sights and historical towns. It`s infrastructure is very well for many activities. A swimming bath within a sauna, an activity playground, miniature golf, several hike pathes and bicycle lanes, lakes, tennis courts, a riding ring and lots of other activities are available for citizens. Vörden is a favored resort for everybody thanks it`s balmy climate, the great activities and the nice ambience. The part name "familienfreundlicher Urlaubsort" is the best proof for this.

The special abbey of the ancient Abbey Marienmünster is the cultural centre of music above all. International celebrated acts performed here during the last years. The economy of the smallest town of the Kreis Höxter is awesome as well. The action area was founded 25 years ago and today there exist medium sized companies like wood-processing and damping-processing companies. Those are very important for this area. One of those was involved in the Expo-building of Turkey. Also there exist many small traditional companies, a basic school and a kindergarten.

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