Explore the Hanseatic city Hattem
Hattem Dijkpoort

a hanseatic town full of history. A setting for culture, nature, sports, recreation, rest and space! In the year 891 the settlement “Hatheim” was first mentioned. Hattem was granted city-rights in 1299. In the Middle-Ages the town was of strategic importance to the Duke of Gelre and just as the impressive town walls show there was a small but strong citadel.

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Modern Hattem, situated at the border of the Veluwe-massif, has other interests. Cosy terraces, a large variety of shops, 3 museums and annually returning events. In short: The Hanseatic town of Hattem is waiting to be explored! The history of bread and pastry, the impressions of the river the IJssel, made by painter Voerman Senior and Voerman Junior, the surprising varied works by artist, Anton Pieck: these are just a random pick of what Hattem has to offer culturally.

Three buildings dominate the skyline of Hattem: ‘The Fortune’ mill, the ‘Dyke Gate’, the only remaining gate of Hattem and the ‘Grand Church’ also called ‘Saint Andreas Church’. In the centre of the town you can recognize a medieval street pattern: this all referencens to the rich history of this small Hanseatic town. 

In a tent, a cottage or on board of a boat? You can recreate in and around Hattem. For example on the water: in a canoe, a giant wooden shoe or take the ferry to the other side of the river the IJssel and view Hattem from the other side of the river. Other possibilities are walking, cycling, swimming, but also horseback riding, playing golf and ‘jeu de boules’.

Hattem is surronded by a great diversity of landscape types. It has an extensive foreland in the North, forests in the South-West and the remains of a peat and heath moor in the South-East. Well-worth seeing both in summer and winter.

Pictures of the Hanseatic City of Hattem


Stadt Hattem
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