Haltern am See A beautiful picturesque town in an area of natural outstanding beauty located close to the lakes within the boundaries of the magnificent "Hohemark" nature park. Situated between Munster and Cologne, MiddleAges documentary evidence from 1017 regards Haltern and its surrounding area as an important crossing point over the River Lippe. This geographical advantage eventually bestowed City status upon Haltern in 1298 by the Prince of Munster. This allowed the town the right to build fortifications and the privilege of holding a market.

Between 1554 and 1611 the town of Haltern am See was characterised by the many changes by the Hansa League. The historical Town Hall built in 1577, the "Siebenteufelsturm" (a tower of the old city wall ) built in 1502 were both built during this time. Haltern am See and the Westfalian area get a short footnote in world history when the Roman armies under Emperor Augustus marched up the River Lippe occupying Germania and settled in by building fortifications and other houses for the troops. The Westfalian Romermuseum in Haltern am See displays many archeological finds from this period as well as maps and diagrams of the Roman occupation.

The "Westfalian Roman Days" is celebrated in Haltern every 2 years and the "Route of Romans" cycle track between Xanten and Detmold shows the importance of Haltern in the Roman era. In the 19th century the population outgrew the old city walls, so they were pulled down and were used in the building of other important public buildings and in constructing the road between Wesel and Munster. Haltern gained in regional significance when the waterwork were build in 1908 and then by creating a lake and building a dam in 1930. Until now Haltern has preserved its own identity with a thoughtful combination of History and Modernity. Haltern am See is generally known as a popular city with 2 beautiful lakes, an attractive shopping mile and a relaxing holiday atmosphere. The charm of a small historical city near the overcrowded Ruhr valley with the local landscapes guarantees a varied holiday destination for all visitors to Haltern. The delightful and different landscape around Haltern is often locally called the "Lung of the Ruhr".

The pedestrian precinct with its historical flair together with its broad range of locally produced goods offers an attractive alternative to any visitor. The City organises regular special markets and many other events throughout the year. Haltern am See has many restaurants and a varied arrange of accommodation for visitors to the city. The businessman has not been forgotten as Haltern has many rooms suitable for conferences, courses and seminars. Many visitors from abroad are attracted to Haltern due to its cultural programs: Traditional theatre of Low German Historical Riflemens meetings Traditional local festivals Cabarets, Concerts, Exhibitions, Special markets The most impressive events are the bringing together of nature and culture with the events situated around the lake.

For all those with an active spare time the expanded forests of the Haard and the Hohe Mark are often called "El Dorado" as there are 350 kms of cycle paths, 51 walking paths around the forests, heath landscapes and the lakes or you can ride along many bridle paths. Watersports are not forgotten as Haltern can offer fishing, sailing, canoeing, rowing, surfing or boating. Should you be tired of these then there is a swimming and bathing area with 1000m of sandy beach by the lake. The local area also boasts the "Aquarell" water complex, holiday parks and deer parks sited within the Hohe Mark. In summary Haltern am See has many attractions for both young and old by either taking part in all the outdoor recreational pursuits or by taking things more slowly and just walking around the historic city enjoying its many cultural pleasures.

Haltern am See

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