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Dortmund – The heart of Westphalia, strong in Europe
Dortmund has approx. 588,000 inhabitants and is the seventh largest city in Germany. Looking back on over 1100 years of history, Dortmund was in the Middle Ages the only Free Imperial Town in Westphalia and one of the richest and most important towns in the Hanseatic League. 

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The eastern trading routes of the Dortmund merchants went via Cracow and Danzig to Novgorod. But trading links existed with towns in the western countries as well, for example with Antwerp, Bruges and London. English kings had to pawn their crown to the merchants of Dortmund in order to obtain loans, a sign of the importance and wealth of Dortmund at the time of the Hanseatic League. And Dortmund took an active part in re-establishing the Hanseatic League in 1980 in Zwolle. The second meeting in modern times of the member towns of the Hanseatic League took place in Dortmund during the 1100 Years of Dortmund celebrations in 1982. Looking at the map of Dortmund today, the medieval structures are still recognisable. To this day the “Wallring” still surrounds the historical centre of the Hanseatic League town.

Dortmund is today the economic and cultural centre of Westphalia, focal point of a dynamic region undergoing enormous structural changes. The city presents itself as a modern economic centre with highly developed technological know-how. Information technology, Micro Systems technology and E-Logistics systems will be the leading industries in Dortmund in the coming years. Dortmund is a first-class location offering companies wide scope for development, with excellent traffic connections and a highly developed research landscape. Dortmund Airport offers direct connections to important European and non-European regions. Dortmund Main Railway station is the third largest Inter City junction in Germany with approx. 100 ICE, IC and EC trains every day. An orbital motorway provides fast access to major motorways in all directions, and the largest European canal port links Dortmund to international sea ports. The quality of life in Dortmund is enhanced by a great variety of cultural and sports events, large parks, green surroundings and a lively city centre.

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