Explore the Hanseatic city Dorsten
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Dorsten is located between the river Lippe and the Wesel-Datteln-Canal. The city can look back to a flourishing medieval history, but has also an impressing industrial culture. Though it was heavily destroyed during the last war the more than 750 years of city history are still visible. The layouts ofthe fortifications are recognizable, a watch-tower and rests of walls give the visitor an idea of the former proportions. 

Right on the central market square the „Old Town Hall“ remembers to the past glory and richness ofthe membership in the Hanseatic League. Ring-roads and small alleys as well as a rebuilt of medieval embanquements give an idea of the ancient presentation. Near the ponds in the southern parts the visitor can find the Jewish Museum Westfalen, a well-known documentation center for Jewish culture, religion and art. Another interesting point of view is the catholic church St. Agatha right in the center. Also destroyed in the war, but it has preserved some rare art-crafts like Epitaphs from the Renaissance and a Romantic baptismal font. The environment of Dorsten is ideal for biking and trekking in a perfect mix of nature and culture. Three kilometers north the river Lippe is Hervest-Dorsten, the center of the hundred years of history of coal-mining in the city. The renovated Mine Settlement inform about the life in the early 20th century. On the areal of the 2001 closed Mine “Fürst Leopold” a Center for artists and culture events is growing. Further north the Baroque Water Castle of Lembeck offers a beautiful destination for all seasons. The city-museum of Dorsten is also located inside the castle. A nice attraction for all tourists is the little ferry “Baldur” across the river Lippe. Near where the Hammbach-Creek enters the Lippe,passengers can pull the ferry from one bank to the other by their own hand-power. The ferry is from April till October on the water. Dorsten offers each year plenty of city fairs with music and culture highlights. Around Christmas a mobile ice-skating rink direct on the market square invites more than four weeks to enjoy the fascinating atmosphere.

Pictures of the Hanseatic City of Dorsten


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