Explore the Hanseatic city Doesburg

Whoever arrives in Doesburg and drives over the river IJssel bridge will think that time has stopped here. Only a few cities in the country have been as well preserved as this old Hanse town. The medieval street-pattern is still completely intact. What’s more, the inner town contains 150 protected monuments, reflecting Doesburg’s rich history. 

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In 1237, Doesburg received municipal rights and became a city. Doesburg’s inhabitants are proud that their city received this title 60 years before Amsterdam!

Doesburg, a cultural city 

Doesburg is a culturally rich town. There are many art galleries and art shops. The Foundation for Doesburg’s Musical culture frequently organises concerts in the Martinikerk. The unique Walcker-organ in this church is played weekly during the summer months by famous Dutch and foreign organists. In the Martinikerk, various exhibitions are organised. 

Doesburg, a shopping city 

Whether you are looking for a big supermarket or a beautiful antique shop, you will find it in Doesburg. In the old inner city there is a wide variety of small shops, which offer a friendly and traditional service. Ample terraces and benches make shopping in Doesburg during the summer months a pleasant and comfortable experience. 

Doesburg, recreation 

Those who wish for recreation will find their share in Doesburg too. Beside the IJssel river there are several camping sites – from the small and cosy to the well-provided. Other possibilities are sailing and horse riding. Boating tourists will find a public harbour very near to the centre of town. 

Doesburg, more than mustard 

Doesburg is especially known as a mustard-city. Many tens of thousands of tourists visit the mustard-museum which adjoins the mustard-factory. Mustard here is still made according to a recipe going back many centuries ago. Other very interesting museums in Doesburg include: De Roode Tooren (about the history of Doesburg and its environment), Fotografica (about the history of photography) and De Maurits 1940-1945 (about the second world war).

Pictures of the Hanseatic City of Doesburg


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