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For centuries Deventer has had the reputation of being hospitable. Since Deventer is one of the oldest towns in the Netherlands it does not come as a surprise  that the oldest brick private house is to be found there, in the Sandrasteeg to be precise. Deventer was a prominent member of the Hanseatic league. In the Middle Ages merchants from every corner of Europe flocked to this town to attend the annual fairs. It is in this period that the present town centre finds its origin. Several historic monuments, such as, for instance, the beautiful building ‘De Drie Haringen’ (The Three Herrings), recall the old Hanseatic days of yore.

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Over the last fourty years the city of Deventer has devoted a lot of attention to the renovation and conservation of the historic town centre. The old street pattern is virtually unchanged and hundreds of monumental buildings have been restored, often furnished with newly decorated windows or new facades. But there are definitely new buildings as well; some of which are designed to blend in with the historic background, others that are completely modernising.

There are many interesting things to be seen in Deventer. In the first place the historic city centre with its many monuments. But there is much, much more; far too many sights to squeeze into one single day. There is, for instance, the Great Church (also known as the Lebuinus Church) and its tower, the beautifully historic City Hall, het Bergkwartier (the district surrounding the Bergkerk, a church placed on a hillock) and het Noordenbergkwartier (a very old quarter). And always there is the river IJssel, making the location of this town and its surroundings unique. A visit to Deventer is not complete without taking a stroll or just relaxing by the riverside.

Deventer, the best shopping town in the Netherlands. There is something here for everyone; for those who like to go out shopping, there are various stores and many typically quaint and cute little shops conveniently arranged in the town centre. After 7 centuries Deventer is still a market town; every Friday and Saturday there is a market on the town square De Brink.

Whenever one thinks of Deventer, the traditional Deventer Cake springs to mind. Deventer and cake are inseparably bound to each other. For over six centuries this cake has personified Deventer’s hospitality. The Deventer Koekwinkel (the Deventer Cake shop) on the town square De Brink has always plenty of Deventer Cake in store, so why not try a sample of this delicacy?

A few times a year, during the big festivities, Deventer is even more hospitable than usual. There is the ‘Deventer Summer Fun Fair’ (first week of June), the International Street Theatre Festival ‘Deventer On Stilts’ (for three days in early July), and of course, the ‘The Deventer Book Fair, the Largest annual book market in Europe’ (held on the first Sunday of August). Furthermore there is the arrival of St. Nicholas by boat in December, a typically Dutch tradition, and around Christmas there are Season’s festivities like the Charles Dickens Festival.

Pictures of the Hanseatic City of Deventer

Eindrücke aus Deventer


VVV Deventer [Tourist Information Office]
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