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Town Hall and Church

The Hanseatic Regional County Town of Demmin has approximately 12,500 inhabitants and is located in the north German lowlands where the Rivers Peene, Trebel and Tollensee meet. Here the nature is as beautiful and as unchanged as ever. Demmin is set in delightful surroundings that are characterised by the countryside and it’s nature reserve, it is situated in one of the last existing and largest marshland areas in Germany and in the reserve is an abundant diversity of plants to be seen that are otherwise endangered from extinction.

As a consequence of the documented membership of Demmin to the medieval Hanseatic League from 1283 to 1607,  the town was acknowledged in 1992 as a member of the Hanseatic League association of the modern era and since 1994 Demmin is proud to be named “Hansestadt” Demmin. Opposite the ships docks is Demmin’s “Hanse quarter” where there are exhibits of old handwork and crafts such as weaving, backing, pottery, basket weaving, wool felting, the blacksmiths forge and of course fishing.

Visitors to Demmin are welcomed to he town while still a long way off by the sight of the St Bartolomaei’s Church spire which is built completely from red bricks and stands an impressive 95.8 meters high.

There are numerous interesting places to visit including the Maria-Rosenkranzköniginkirche Catholic Church, the Luisentor Gate with it’s powder tower, remains of the old town wall and the castle ruins of the „Haus Demmin“, there is also a monument to the Ulanen light cavalry and the pretty Marienhain grove. The Rivers Peene, Trebel and Tollense are ideal for water sports such as canoeing and is especially interesting for sport fishing enthusiasts as Demmin is renowned, with 35 species, as the town in Mecklenburg – Vorpommern with the greatest variety of fish in it’s waters.

For those visitors who are interested to meet unspoilt nature first hand there is the opportunity to watch uncommon wildlife such as beavers, fish otters and sea eagles.

Whether you decide to take a cycle tour, a walk, go riding, fishing or at the end of a long day you may want to round it off by taking a refreshing swim in the natural bathing area, the “Biberburg” or you choose to simply enjoy some of the cultural aspects, then the town and it’s surroundings offers many opportunities for an unforgettable visit.

Pictures of the Hanseatic City of Demmin


Hansestadt Demmin
Am Hanseufer 1
17109 Demmin