Explore the Hanseatic city Brilon
Waldfee Kappest

A vast sunny tableland, deep valleys with wooden heights, splashing creeks and mountain pastures full of flowers: The landscape around Brilon will surprise you, with altitudes varying between 282 and 804 metres.
When walking around the old town centre of Brilon, you will walk through many centuries.

You will meet silent contemporary witnesses, who would fill moving novels if they could talk. Black and white half-timbering, proud churches and historic fountains in Brilon itself but also in the 16 villages show an eventful past. Cherished traditions keep the past alive, but also leave room for new ideas.

Brilon, mentioned in 973 for the first time, developed into one of the most important Hanseatic towns of Westphalia and one of the biggest towns in Germany in terms of territory.

Where the land of thousand mountains is the highest, hikers will find a hiking paradise. The national pilot scheme extends the idea of the Rothaarsteig – appealing to the hiker’s senses - to the regions of several participating communities  and enriches the local network of paths with trails dedicated to panorama, culture, nature, families and  hiking experts. Furthermore there are already a few quality-trails recognized as “Wanderbares Deutschland” – like the trail “Briloner Kammweg”.

One day you can surf, the next day you can cycle, and the day after you can golf or go Nordic-Walking at the trails of the Nordic-Aktiv-Zentrum Brilon.  If you wish, you can indulge a different sporty passion every single day of your holidays. Within a radius of 30 minutes by car, you will find a lot which raises your pulse.

Winter in the Sauerland. Do you know how beautiful that is? When the landscape is covered with snow, ice crystals are glittering in the sun and your warm breath becomes white because of the cold? Simply experience this wonderful season with walking through the snow, cross-country skiing, ski carving or snowboarding. Whatever you prefer! By the way….do you know that Brilon is the city with the most common forest in Germany? Therefore the symbolic-figure “Briloner Waldfee” (forest fairy) represents the hanseatic city.

A week without any artistic event? That is an exception in Brilon. With approx. 140 events spread over the year the town has developed into a cultural stronghold of the region. And Brilon has proven to be very skilled and open as regards the choice of performers as well as the venues. At the museum “Haus Hoevener” you will find i.a. the bones of a dinosaur Iguanodon – which were found nearby Brilon.

Pictures of the Hanseatic City of Brilon


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