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Once the world’s most renowned region for cement production, it is nowadays home to internationally operating and innovative state-of-the-art industries, yet an idyllic city to live in. Many former quarries have been converted into beautiful landscapes with picturesque biotopes and lakes that allow true experiences of nature. Old industrial buildings are the remainders of some of the formerly 33 cement works, two of which are still active to date.

A Destination for Active Tourists

Bikers discover our district on the new 27-kilometres „Zementroute“ (cement route). Among many others two of the main attractions are the former quarries “Aktivpark Phoenix” and “Freizeitsee Tuttenbrock” that now are highly valued recreation areas. More than 370 kilometres of fully-developed paths for hikers and bikers make Beckum especially attractive for active visitors. One highlight is the wonderful panoramic view from the Höxberg with its “Soestwarte” (Soest watchtower) and its renovated windmill. Beckum is one of the towns seaming the “Werse Radweg”, a cycling route that guides bikers through the Münsterland.

A Town with Many Faces

The city of Beckum is located in the southern county of Warendorf, embedded in the charming landscape of the Münsterland with its numerous forests, meadows and fields. Beckum is a town with many faces and exciting contrasts, characterised by its manifold offers for culture and leisure, attractive shopping opportunities and a unique landscape. Beckum received its town charter as early as 1224 and today counts 38,000 inhabitants. From a town of “Ackerbuergers” (farming people with citizen’s rights) it has developed into a modern place for industry and for living.

Historic Treasures and Oddities

The historic city hall from 1441 in the city centre nowadays accommodates the city museum hosting interesting exhibitions of modern art and the interactive carnival museum. Just around the corner you will find the church St. Steven and Sebastian which contains the so-called “Prudentiaschrein”, Westphalia’s most precious feretory. You should also visit the House of the Estates with the park “Westenvormarkt”, and nearby the city’s only preserved defence tower.

Four Quarters

The rural quarter Vellern is Beckum’s “beautiful daughter“ with its old village centre around the idyllic churchyard of St. Pankratius. Neubeckum, where the railway station is located, presents itself as a modern city for shopping and living. The formation of Roland, the youngest quarter of Beckum, is closely connected to the industrial development.

Classy Celebrations

Various traditional festivals and cultural highlights feature in the calendar of events. The City Theatre stages top drawer plays and comedy. The open air programme “Beckumer Sommer“ attracts many visitors from near and from far. The traditional city festival “Pütt-Tage“ and the Beckum Carnival which is quite as popular as in Rhinania are big events in Beckum. For the “Wintervergnügen“ (winter fun) Beckum is solemnly illuminated, there are Christmas markets in all quarters, and a skating rink.

Places to Enjoy

Many hotels, restaurants, cafes, taverns or country inns offer typical dishes of the region as well as international menus. In the oldest brewery of Westphalia “Stiefel Jürgens“ visitors can round off their guided city tour in the heart of Beckum.

Beckum is Cosmopolitan

Beckum cultivates its many international contacts and friendships, especially with its three twin towns. For this engagement Beckum was awarded with the badge of honour by the European Council in 2010. These are only a few reasons that make Beckum so unique and worth more than just one visit.

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