Historischer Marktplatz mit Knochenhaueramtshaus


Welcome to Hildesheim, the small big city in Lower Saxony! The Bishoric of Hildesheim was founded in 815 and signals the beginning of the city’s history. Throughout the centuries, Hildesheim grows and becomes more independent. During the Second World War the city was mostly spared, but two bomb raids in 1945 destroyed 40% of the living area as well as the majority of the marketplace. After the war the city centre was reconstructed and restored to its former glory.

Nowadays the UNESCO World Heritage churches St. Mary’s cathedral and St. Michael’s together with the highest steeple in Lower Saxony attract many visitors each year. For those interested in culture Hildesheim offers a great variety of events. The half-timbered district, the parks and the recreational area Hohnsensee invite you to stay.

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Facts & Figures

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Year 815

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9.951304 latitude and 52.15216 longitude

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UNESCO World Heritage

St. Mary’s Cathedral, St. Michael’s Church (both 1985)

What is the city known for?

Hildesheim ist known for its UNESCO World Heritage Site: St. Mary’s Cathedral with the 1000-year old rosebush and St. Michael’s Church