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HANSEartWORKS 2021 in Riga
"Hanseatic New Gold"

As part of the 41st International Hanseatic Day, the "HANSEartWORKS" exhibition was organised for the 15th time.  

The exhibition aimed to look at the values of the Hanseatic League and thus make visible the "common and valuable gold" that lies outside the trade value of gold.  

To this end, the Riga exhibition related present and historical values of the Hanseatic League in order to deal with future values in the network of the International Hanseatic League and to present and promote the quality of contacts and communication within the Hanseatic cities.  

A total of 30 artists from Estonia, Russia, Latvia, Great Britain, the Netherlands, Poland, Germany and Sweden dealt with the theme "Hanseatic New Gold".  

Conceptually, the exhibition was divided into two parts - in the central exhibition hall "Riga Art Space", works were shown that included spatial, multimedia installations and artworks or objects with imaginative forms of expression and technical solutions outside the boundaries of traditional art. The second part of the exhibition in St. Peter's Church showed works in classical techniques. For the first time, a HANSEartWORKS concert also took place in this exhibition space.  

The HANSEartWORKS artist book was presented to the public for the first time. The Riga artist Ilze Laizāne designed the page for the city of Riga.      

Riga has documented HANSEartWORKS in a presentation, a video and online.

Video documentation "Hanseatic New Gold"

Presentation of the exhibition (pdf)

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