HANSEartWORKS 2021 in Riga

The Hanseatic City of Riga will host the 41st International Hanseatic Day on 19-22 August 2021. For the 15th time, an exhibition of contemporary art will be set up in the city centre as a highlight of the scheduled program.

Applications are submitted to the Hanseatic city the artist is connected to. After an internal selection process in each Hanseatic city the selected artworks are forwarded to the organisers of the exhibition in Riga. See announcement below for details.

Status of the selection of artworks

The deadlines have been extended as follows:
1 March 2021: official invitation of the nominated artists
7 June 2021: electronic submission of 3-4 high quality photographs of the artwork approved for the competition to the Exhibition Catalogue


Dear members of the Hansa,  

The Hanseatic City of Riga will host the 41st International Hanseatic Day on 19-22 August 2021 and organise the 15th edition of the HANSEartWORKS exhibition.  

The theme of the 41st International Hanseatic Day will be “Sailing through the centuries“. The member cities are kindly invited to collaborate with local artists in preparing works in line with the associated exhibition theme “Hanseatic New Gold”. The artists apply through their member cities. It is not possible to apply directly to Riga. 

The submission deadline is 15 December 2020. The curated exhibition is open to works from artists that have a professional or personal connection to the Hanseatic city handing in the application.  

The works will be presented in a central exhibition space during the Hanseatic Day. If possible, the artists should be present on site throughout the event.  

Further details and dates can be found in the attached invitation letter and announcement from the Hanseatic City of Riga.  

The host city and the project group HANSEartWORKS look forward to your participation.    

Kind regards  

Wolfgang Streblow / Lippstadt
Project group HANSEartWORKS

Invitation letter