HANSEartWORKS 2020 in Brilon

The Hanseatic City of Brilon is due to host the 40th International Hanseatic Days from 4th to 7th of June 2020. For the fourteenth time, an exhibition of contemporary art will be set up in the city centre as a highlight of the scheduled program.


Dear members of the Hanseatic League,

dear artists,

I am glad to send you the announcement for the art project “HANSEartWORKS” with the overall topic “People-Locations-Dreams”.

The hanseatic town of Brilon is the host city of the 40th international Hanseatic Days, taking place between the 4th and the 7th June of 2020.

For the past 13 years, HANSEartWORKS has been a core element of the yearly celebrated event. Brilon is expectantly looking forward to be a platform for artistic exchange under this year’s topic “People-Locations-Dreams”.

We are looking forward to your works, in form of film or photography, in which you should portray your hometown, local community and your dreams.

You can find specific information concerning the tender in the enclosure.

I cordially invite all artists of the hanseatic towns to participate in our project and we would be thrilled to receive applications from every member town.

With kind regards,

Mayor Dr. Christof Bartsch

Details on the course of the project:

01.09.2019 Publication of the tender in all hanseatic towns

30.11.2019 End of the application deadline within the own city

15.12.2019 End of the application deadline of the hanseatic cities shipment of the applications to the contact address in Brilon (please find the address below)

31.01.2020 Jury’s decision and invitation of the artists

4.-7.6.2020 Presentation of the artworks as contribution to the 40th international hanseatic days in Brilon

Autumn 2020, conception of the HANSEartWORKS project as a traveling exhibition

Contacts in Brilon:

Rita Sommer-Malinowski
Phone: +49 2961 794 248
Mail: r.sommer-malinowski@brilon.de

Project manager of the Hanseatic Days:
Ute Hachmann
Phone: +49 2961 794 2020
Mail: info@hansetagebrilon.de

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