HANSEartWORKS 2018 – Rostock/Germany


The Hanseatic City of Rostock was due to host the 38th International Hanseatic Days from 21 to 24 June 2018. The Member cities were invited to realize the theme of the exhibition HANSEartWORKS "Future City - Stadt der Zukunft" with their artists. The photo exhibition looks away from the sparkling panorama to focus on people and how they makes use of a city. It was about the multifaceted possibilities that cities offer their residents: it is also about chances for the future development of society.


Braunschweig Claudia Taylor
Danzig Maciej Marsalkowicz
Doesburg Lysanne Buunk
Dorsten Doris Gerhard
Greifswald Daniela Risch
Herford Janosch Boerckel
Lübeck Maren Winter
Neuss Stefanie Minzenmay
Osnabrück Angela von Brill
Osterburg Malina Bura
Pärnu Marko Toomast
Pskow Alexej Arkipov
Pskow Andrej Koksharov
Rostock Mareike Timm
Rostock Gunnar Borbe
Stargard Anna Hibner-Cierpicka
Visby Tina Messing
Welikij Nowgorod Oleg Friga