HANSEartWORKS 2015 in Viljandi/Estland

"Bourning Borders"

The city of Viljandi, a city with 17.000 citizens and located in the southern part of Estonia, invited artists to engage in the discussion of the cultural theme of “burning borders”. At the end of last May, the city already welcomed the artists, which were all chosen by a jury. The group of artists combined to make a sort of city event, which was presented to an astounded audience during the Hansadays of the 4th to the 7th of June 2015.


Bergen Hans Christian van Nijerk
Buxtehude Carinna Korth
Greifswald Astrud Brünner
Herford Marcus Beuter
La Rochelle Peirre-Loup Auger
Neuss Enno Stahl
Osnabrück Yvoe Ree
Pärnu Performance Circus Group "Põleva Kaelaga Kirjak"
Telgte Michael b. Ludwig und Michael m.
Visby Agnes Lundgren