HANSEartWORKS is an international exhibition project. It is designed as a group exhibition and is an essential part of every International Hanseatic Day. The aim is to provide a forum for contemporary art in and from the member cities of the HANSA. HANSEartWORKS has positioned itself as a remarkable element of high quality of the International Hanseatic Day since 2007. For the curated group exhibition, the member cities propose artists who have both an artistic and a personal connection to the applicant city. The pieces of art are presented at a central exhibition location during the Hanseatic Day, if possible also beyond. The exhibiting artists should be preferably on site during the International Hanseatic Day. They receive a certificate of participation from the host city. At the end of the Hanseatic Day, the host city publishes a documentation of the event. When developing the HANSEartWORKS concept, the host city also checks whether the project can / should be designed as a traveling exhibition.

A working group has been founded to accompany the host city.

The working group provides support and guidelines for the planning, the tender offer and the application process. The advisory members of the working group are representatives of the Hanseatic cities, who have organized the last Hanseatic Day as well as the next three Hanseatic Days and HaW exhibitions / projects. The jury of the host city makes the final selection of the applications, taking into account the recommendations of the working group’s jury participants. The working group also includes at least three artists based from Hanseatic cities in different countries who support the host city in the artistic implementation. The participation of additional artists from Hanseatic cities in the working group would be appreciated.

The implementation of the HANSEartWORKS was decided unanimously in the assembly of delegates of the International Hanseatic Day 2006 in Osnabrück at the request of Marion Steitner from the Dutch Hanseatic city of Doesburg. By that, visual arts became a component of the program for the International Hanseatic Day. The first exhibition took place in 2007 in the Westphalian Hanseatic city of Lippstadt. It is also thanks to Marion Steitner that Jan Hoet was involved as a consultant in the early years. At that time he was the founding director of the MARTa Museum in the Hanseatic city of Herford (Germany).

A main player in the success story of the HANSEartWORKS was Alfred Wübbena, Osnabrück: From the very beginning until 2020 he acted as the chairman of the project group and in 2018 he initiated the approval of "HANSEartWORKS Guidelines" and their inclusion in the "Guidelines for the Organization of the Hanseatic Day". HANSEartWORKS has thus become an integral part of all future International Hanseatic Days.


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