Dear members of the Hanseatic League!

In terms of the XXXIX International Hanseatic Days in June 2019 Pskov is holding a photo project “Traditions and Modernity”. At present, the preservation of the cultural heritage through the reconstruction of the historical past by means of photography is very relevant. Meanwhile, many things that seem belonging to the past for a long time, are reflected in modern forms, colors, images. The photo project “Traditions and Modernity” is aimed to combine the past and the present within one photo. Whether images of the past and present will contradict each other or find a harmonious unity - this is the main issue of the contest concept HANSEARTWORKS 2019 in Pskov.

The creative approach offered to photographers is the reconstruction of the Hanseatic Middle Ages in modern conditions with the peculiarities of the Hanseatic Middle Ages by means of household items, folk costumes, rituals, rural labor and the daily routine of people, their everyday lives and holidays.

I cordially invite artists from Hanseatic cities to participate in the competition in accordance with the attached Annex. We will be happy to receive three applications from each city.


10 September 2018 – Publication of the call for applications

30 November 2018 – Submission of applications to the participating Hanseatic City

15 December 2018 – Submission of three selected applications to Pskov

28 February 2019 – Announcement of participating artists

28 June 2019 – Presentation of works in Pskov at the festival of multimedia installations "Color of the white wall"

Contact persons:

Tatiana Pustoshkina, e-mail: pskovhansa@gmail.com, tel. +78112 290311,

Yuri Martynov, e-mail: yuri-martynov@mail.ru

Igor Soloviev, e-Mail: photostudio.lis@mail.ru

Announcement in German
Announcement in English
Announcement in Russian


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