youthHansa Festival in Lippstadt 2007

youthHansa Festival in Lippstadt 2007

For four days about one hundred young people of the youthHansa of Germany and North-Europe visited Lippstadt. These four days were full of action and dialogues between the youthHansa-delegates.

For the first time such a record participation could be accomplished, which showed, that the youthHansa is an appealing and vivid organisation.

In Lippstadt a special youthHansa group was established, in which twelve young people aged 15 to 18 prepared the whole program. They were supported by the city’s “Youth and family-Office” and the evangelic youth club “Shalom”. The “Shalom” also represented the meeting point for the youth in the four days of the “Hanseatic Days” (some delegates with long journeys even stayed six days).

In the youth club a internet-café for contacts all over the world was available, whereas a workshop invited the delegates to a collective project.

The accommodation for the one hundred young people was in the nearby Wilhelm-school, only some steps away. Because of the central position all the venues of the “Hanseatic Days” could be reached by foot. A reception was open all night long, so that participants with party mood got their money’s worth.

During the “Hanseatic Days” the delegates made visits and excursions. As a special feature a whole theme day was established, themed “Unemployed youth”. The themes training and unemployment were argued at visits of an education-centre for young people and at the Hella KG, a huge automotive supplier based in Lippstadt.

A good atmosphere was noticeable at the youthHansa-party, which lasted until the early morning with great life music. The trip to a bowling-centre on the next day also provided the opportunity to get to know each other.

At the plenary meeting different work groups were formed to discuss special themes and projects further in detail. Amongst others, the construction of an internet forum was decided to intensify the contact between the delegates even beyond the “Hanseatic Days”.

At the closing event thus melancholy arose. Embracements and affectionate wishes were given to the young people to take them with them on their -at least for some-  very long journeys. Beforehand the Hansa-banner had been given over to the mayor of Salzwedel by the youthHansa organisers at the parade.

What remains of the “Hanseatic Days 2007” is, beside the great memories, a three metre high puzzle, for which all of the delegates designed a part of the puzzle for their hometown. It now decorates the exterior wall of the youth club “Shalom” in the city-centre.

Anthea Dreckhoff (Member of the Youth-Hansa-Group)