Town Halls

In cooperation with the Jugendkunstschule Bleiwäsche e.V. the youthHansa carried out the photo project “Diversity that connects” in 2020 to connect young people from Hanseatic cities with each other. 33 participants in 17 different Hanseatic cities took photos of different motives, such as typical buildings, town halls, marketplaces, traffic routes, clothing, food, sweets and so on in their cities.

"Our aim was to advance the cooperation of locals and refugees in Brilon, and with young people from other Hanseatic cities. Through the pictures the participants should get to know the cities and visualise connecting power of diversity“, said the project leader Alfons Steffens, at Jugendkunstschule Bleiwäsche. The group took photos in their home town and complemented them with photos that were sent to them from Russia, Poland, Latvia and Germany. They arranged the photos according to different themes. The result of the project are 26 works that will be exhibited in public as soon as the pandemic situation allows.

Due to the positive feedback from the Hanseatic cities the project will be continued this year, as it is a unique opportunity for young people to cooperate in times of Covid-19. Young people are still welcome to join the project and bring in creative ideas in order to present the connecting diversity of the Hanseatic cities.

The project is co-organized by LKD NRW (Landesarbeitsgemeinschaft Kulturpädagogische Dienste und Jugendkunstschulen NRW) and LKJ NRW (Landesvereinigung Kulturelle Jugendarbeit NRW). It is supported by the Ministry for children, family, refugees, and integration of the state of North Rhine-Whestphalia.