"Inspired by Youth" - Touring exhibition

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Touring exhibition

"Inspired by Youth" was the motto of the 1st youthHansa music and art festival in September 2005 in Lippstadt, joined by 600 young artists from hanseatic towns. Just as in old hanseatic times, when musicians and artists moved from place to place, using their knowledge and performances to broaden people's horizons, we wish that the touring exhibition will advance and strengthen the young youthHansa network to create a sense of togetherness between participants, as well as the chance to experience other cultures and lifestyles and above all to encourage tolerance and cross-cultural understanding.

We invite you, to present this touring exhibition in your hanseatic town to give youthHansa a platform and inspiration.

Bernd Saxe (Mayor of the hanseatic city of Lübeck)
Christof Sommer (Mayor of Lippstadt)
Lennart Krüger (Spokesman of youthHansa)

The exhibition

In September 2005 in Lippstadt / Germany the 1st youthHansa music and art festival took place to create a network for young artists of hanseatic towns. Lippstadt wants to promote this idea further with the touring exhibition "inspired by youth".

The touring exhibition will give hanseatic towns the chance to present the local youthHansa to strengthen and extend the young and small youthHansa network, that begun with the 1st youthHansa music and art festival. A basic component is a DVD which may be copied and distributed.

The exhibition comprises a stand, designed in the shape of the youthHansa @. It shows the progression of the Hanseatic League, the activities of the "New Hanse" and especially the
youthHansa. That has been achieved by many large-sized pictures and short texts. In addition there is a DVD-player and a laptop with two screens to provide. You will also see pictures and graphs by the artists who exhibited their works during the festival in Lippstadt.

Are you interested?

We would be delighted if you could decide to present the exhibition in your hanseatic
town so that we can all work together in extending the youthHansa network. You will have to finance the transport from the pre-presentation town to your town, the costs you have at the exhibition location and for copying the DVD. There is no lending fee. The local organizers are liable for any damage occuier.

In the internet you will find detailed information at www.youthhansa.musikschule-lippstadt.deincluding a time table and detailed plans for setting up the exhibition.

You may show the exhibition open to the public, in schools, stores or banks. Supervision is has to bi provided.


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