Foto Yh Oldenzaal 1


On January 9th, 2020, Jaron Rook, Jorijn Jager, Natajsa Leoné and Martine Soepenberg visited Oldenzaal. During the visit we explained the concept of the Youth Hansa to the youth counsel and the municipality of Oldenzaal. Oldenzaal visited the Hanseatic Days last year and became interested in the Youth Hansa and the possibilities it has. During the monthly meeting of the Youth counsel, we had the opportunity to give a presentation about the Youth Hansa and the Hanseatic Days in general. We provided them with information about the lay out of the Hanseatic days, the program of the YH, the commission and the different departments the YH has and the background / history of the Hanseatic Days / cities.


The members of the Youth Hansa showed interest in the and were enthusiastic. 


At the end of the meeting we hope that we have informed Oldenzaal enough and that they will join the Hanseatic Days and send a delegation to participate during the Youth Hansa.